A go at your own pace 100% online led program for women who need a little kick start when it comes to their health, fitness, nutrition, stress and even gratitude. 

If you're saying yes then the kick start program if for you!


Sign up for the kick start and access the program at your own pace. It takes a holistic approach to kick starting your health, fitness, nutrition and mindset. It's like your best virtual personal trainer.

Discover detailed information and tools about workouts, fitness, nutrition, stress effect, hormones and gratitude in a gentle, motivating, encouraging setting.

I created this kick start exclusively for women.


Improve your health and fitness

Regain your energy

Kick start your nutrition

Re-focus your mindset

Feel confident again


Improve sleep & mental clarity

Cultivate abundance

All bodies welcomed, all fitness levels welcomed.

21 Day Fitness Program

Workout Videos




Exercise Templates

Nutritional Support




Kick Start Testimonials

"I just finished a 21 day kick start program with Julie. I have tried quite a few “diet programs“and I can honestly say I have never been involved in such a impressive program. The entire program is so well put together from delicious meals, grocery lists, daily plans what your day will look like, great webinars with informative information, meditation, mindfulness, workouts to suit anyone's life from 10 minutes up to how ever long you want. Julie’s wealth of knowledge is incredible she has a true love for helping others get to where they want."  

- Janelle L., Calgary, AB

"I am a 51 y/o with severe osteoarthritis, recent double knee replacements and now in menopause. I have been struggling with low energy, chronic pain and weight gain and decided to join up and am so thrilled with the results. I have been able to shift aspects in my life like meal planning with incredible recipes (that even my 22yo son raves about) to chunking the exercises into my day that have really helped me to be more active but with less pain. I really appreciate Julie's holistic approach to health and looking at ways that i can make more health-filled choices moving forward. I haven't felt this great in a long time...thank you Julie!"  

- Lori M., Calgary, AB

What You'll Receive

Need a Boost?

Metabolic Boost Fitness Program

Workout Video's

Free Meal Plan Pack

Shopping Lists

Meal Plan Guides

Nutritious & Delicious Recipes

Recorded Expert Webinars

Free 30 Minute Coaching Call

and more!

21 Day Metabolic Boost Workout Plan

Ready to Feel Great Again?

Due to the nature of this program you will require internet access and a device form which to view the program on.  It is 100% hosted online at a go at your own pace format.  The course consists of video, audio and text lessons with printable take-aways, video's and more.