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Please allow me to introduce myself!

I'm Julie Hodge, Founder of Fitness Over 40, a late 40's something mom, fresh rain and coffee lover and lifelong enthusiast of all things that promote and empower us to be our best selves.


I strive to create the best life and live it with optimal health and support women of all ages (but mostly those in peri/menopause) to live their best lives too.


I believe that true fitness begins as an inside job and I've been blessed to have spent 30 years now as a certified personal training in the health and fitness business, supporting women of all ages, shapes, sizes, fitness abilities and backgrounds move better, feel better and live better.  

I cultivated a love of form and movement from a young age; influenced by the work of Joseph Pilates and a little known body transformer named Callan Pinkney.

My focus is on Hormone-Based Fitness and PRO-hab (prevention of rehabilitation) and I've developed my own unique approaches to improving strength, flexibility, mobility, endurance, balance and overall fitness through customized hormone-based fitness and lifestyle programs.

Some little known facts:  I had my daughter at the age of 43, used to compete in Crossfit competitions, trained physique competitors and am a very grateful sober person!

My passion is to do what I love and help others realize their inner athlete, their inner strength and their inner goddess... which in turn results into a stronger physical body as well as a stronger mental, social and often spiritual outlook.  

I hope to continue helping women do what they once thought they couldn't while doing cartwheels, heavy squats, push ups, splits and handstands well into my 70's and beyond!  We all have goals, right?

Education, Experience, Certification

Compassion, accountability, results

  • Certified Personal Trainer, PTS

  • Certified Nutrition Coach

  • Certified Flipping50 Advanced Hormone-Exercise Specialist 

  • Nominated Canada's Top Instructor 2021

  • Voted Canada's Top Fitness Trainer in 2020

  • Kinesiology, University of Calgary

  • Certified DANCEPL3Y Preschool Instructor

  • Active Aging Certificate

  • Stress Resiliency Certificate

  • Menopause and Exercise Intervention Certificate

  • Therapeutic Massage Diploma (Honors Distinction)

  • Reiki Practitioner 

  • TRX Certified Instructor

  • Functional Capacity Assessment Certified

  • Authorized FEMSPORT Facility Trainer

  • Former Head Coach at Orangetheory Fitness Okotoks and Orangetheory Fitness Seton

Media & News Coverage

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It was the honour of a lifetime to have been nominated and chosen as one of Canada's Top 10 Fitness Trainers of 2020. A culmination of 29 years as I have followed this magazine since it's inception.


In 2018 I launched Pro Aging programs for women who wanted support on all things getting better with age.  I apply all these concepts in my personal training journeys with clients as well.


There's nothing like being featured in your own town and I was so thrilled to have received the support and interest of Okotoks local media on my efforts towards Pro Aging for women over 40.


This was one of the most thrilling moments and the first press I did for my work supporting Pro (not anti) aging for women over 40.