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Learn what you haven't been taught about fitness after your 40's.


What you may not know about menopause that's sabotaging your fitness results.

If you're done with punishing programs and quick fixes that don't live up to their hype - this is for you.

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✔ Reclaim your energy & vitality.

✔ Reduce inflammation and stress.

✔ Burn fat, tone up.

✔ Learn to work with your body - not against it.


Working out 7 days a week and restricting calories is OUT.

Evidence-based, hormone-balancing wellness is IN.

Testimonials from clients 3 weeks into the 90 day program


Skip this and go straight to getting started:

Fit Fab 40s dont brace for your age embr


This is a personalized coaching plan that provides you with a more immersive experience where everything about the plan (custom fitness program, nutritional program, stress relief strategies and more) is customized to you and changes FOR YOU as we go along as required.

 This 1 on 1 experience requires a minimum 90 day commitment because it takes time to reset your body (and mindset) and use the data, self-assessment and progress reporting to cultivate changes. 

Hormones trump calories. 

Hormones trump, well, practically everything!

And because of that it is unrealistic to expect overnight changes.  Think about all the years ahead of you. What are a few months of dedicated commitment to YOUR internal and external well being in order to experience a fulfilled and healthy second half of life?

Think about the diet plans, the calorie-restricting plans, the more is never enough workout plans. 

Do they work for you anymore?  Not likely - because that's why you're here.


The Total Coaching program works with your body and changing physiology to reduce inflammation, stress, cortisol and crazy-making restrictions and "too much" anything.

 Instead we cultivate flexibility and apply evidence-based "right intensity", "right time", "right exercise" approaches to help you lose that added weight, trim the bloat, bust through the brain fog, settle the sleep disturbances and create more optimized health moving forward. 

Because what got you were you are is very likely the opposite of what you 

The goal?  Reducing stress and cortisol, cultivating more joy and improved sleep, busting through the weight resistance you may be experiencing and feeling your optimal best!

Do you want to lose weight?

Do you wish you had more energy?
Do you want to reduce the aches and pains and inflammation?

Do you want to reduce bloating that never seems to go away?

Do you wish you knew the right way to exercise to actually see and feel results?

Do you feel that you need the accountability and motivation and support of customized 1 on 1 coaching?


Then let's get started!

What Your Total Coaching Experience Includes:

Your own custom online fitness program, designed and scheduled 100% to you.

Your own custom nutrition plan, designed 100% to you.

4 x 1 on 1 coaching calls each month scheduled weekly.

4 x 15 minute Zoom call "snacks" each month to check on form, exercises, ask questions etc.

2-way in app messaging as needed about food, fitness - anything!

Access to my Trainerize app with ongoing progress tracking throughout the program.

Enrollment into the program includes a copy of the Fit Fab Food Nutritional Guide.

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Your Individual Program Outcomes May Include:

✔ A toned, leaner physique

✔ Reduced body fat

✔ Improved hormone regulation

✔ Improved sleep

✔ Reduced bloating

✔ Flatter tummy

✔ Awesome energy

✔ Sharp mental focus

✔ Reduced cravings

✔ Reduced joint pain (elbows, knees)

✔ Reduced inflammation

✔ Dropping a dress size (or more)

✔ Boosted body confidence

✔ More JOY

✔ Kick-started libido

and more!


- anyone looking for drastic, short term results

- anyone looking for another freebie program

- anybody who isn't ready to try new things or go deeper into what makes them tick

- anyone doing it for somebody else (you have to do it for you)




Register for the program HERE



Upon registration into the program you'll receive an email and link to complete some very important questionnaire's (and waivers).

*Please check your junk mail too just in case!



Once you've completed BOTH of the waivers (I know it's a lot of information but there's a lot going on when it comes to your health, hormones and physiology!) I'll get started on putting together your: 

- online Trainerize client profile

- custom online fitness plan

- customized nutritional program

- stress reducing plan


Once you've purchased the program (and completed the forms) you'll be able to schedule your:

- weekly 1-1 coaching calls 

- 4 x 15 minute live Zoom PT/check in calls


You, only better (you can ROCK OUT midlife and beyond girl!) is waiting.


Still have questions?
Not ready to jump in quite yet?

Want to chat with me first?


 Not to worry, schedule a Discovery Call 

I look forward to hearing from you.