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Fitness dice kits come in a black mesh drawstring bag and include a link and password for your exclusive access to online fitness dice exercise video demonstrations and tips on using them!


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Fitness Dice Kits:

Fitness Dice Benefits:


No matter what you roll you'll be getting a great workout with or without equipment.  And if you purchase the mini band pack you're getting a total body strength training program all-in-one with 5 mini bands.

Each of the 6 sides of the fitness exercise die have been designed with specific exercises for an effective workout that engages most of the major muscle groups and the smaller ones too!  

Designed by a fitness professional with over 30 years experience training novice fitness enthusiasts and athletes.



Have you ever wondered what to do to for exercise, to "get fit", to workout, how to do certain exercises, figure out what they were called and ended up searching the 'Net only to realize how much time had passed, and by that time so too had your motivation to workout and do anything at all?

Not the case with the fitness dice, each roll does it all.

You decide whether to do 1 exercise at a time, or sets of 2 or 3, you decide how much time you want to spend exercising and set your timer and roll the dice accordingly.



All fitness dice kits come in a sporty mesh bag with a drawstring for super simple portability and ease of use. We've tried to think of everything we could to help you take out the guesswork and just get moving.

You can throw these in your suitcase, briefcase, workout bag or simply store away in a drawer and use when you need a muscle pumping, heart pumping workout.

You could collect 1, 2 or all of them and even mix and match your workouts for even more fitness success - and RESULTS!


Let's be honest, fitness dice are fun.  Whether you design the overall workout plan and use the exercise dice to fill in the blanks, or leave the whole thing up to "fate" to decide!  Each roll and each fitness dice workout could literally be fresh and new, meaning:

- no boredom

- no endless repetition

- no subconscious programming of only the exercises you like

Fitness dice are a great way to add a little excitement and variety to your current fitness program, OR to get you started.

No equipment. No stress. No wondering what to do.

Fitness Dice Questions:


Our fitness dice can be shipped throughout North America.  Shipping is determined based upon the method you select at checkout. 


When you purchase a fitness dice kit(s) you'll receive a card in the kit(s) that provides a link and special password that will give you access to the video demonstrations provided for that particular fitness dice set(s).


You can use the dice however you wish.  Some dice kits contain time/reps and exercises, others contain a time die, a reps die, and a rounds die in addition to the exercises, wherease others contain reps and rounds only. 


All fitness abilities (beginner, intermediate, advanced) can use and benefit from these fitenss dice kits. Make the exercises bodyweight and/or low impact only, or add intensity with weights etc.

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