Certified Nutrition Coaching


Did you know that FOOD impacts HORMONES?


If you didn't before you will now!


It's why it's never been more important for women approaching or in peri/menopause to understand what to eat, when to eat it and why.

Take away the overwhelm.

Give yourself a break.

As your food coach I'm here to help you navigate through the confusion, the fads and the false information to find a nutrition solution that works for you.

It needs to be simple.  

It needs to be do-able.

It needs to fit your life.


Looking for a more inclusive approach to lifestyle, food, fitness, stress & indset?

Book a call to chat with me about my VIP Hormone-Based coaching program, exclusively for a women's changing needs.

Preparing Healthy Food


Yo-yo dieting, not eating enough, eliminating macronutrients, skipping meals, severe calorie restrictions, they can send your hormone imbalance through the roof not to mention increase insulin resistance and cortisol response.

My nutritional programs integrate stress, anxiety and inflammation reducing and hormone-balancing strategies.