Go from "I can't" to "I did!"

As women we can be successful in our careers and as moms on the outside, yet on the inside we can be feeling stuck, scared, stagnant and stressed and frustrated and maybe even a little scared about how much our body and overall fitness has changed over the last few years. 

We may even have a self-made mix tape playing over and over in our thoughts based upon a self limiting belief we’ve created somewhere along the way about a message that we can't.

That perhaps "it's too hard to get into shape". That perhaps "I'll never like my body". That perhaps "I'll only fail so why try". That "I'm not the kind of person that can stick to a program". 

Or perhaps that "I can do it all alone".

I completely understand. I get it. You’re not alone my dear.

I'm here to share with all of the successful woman 40-60 working from home, working remotely or running their own business juggling a career, family and parenting, who may be feeling empty, tired, hopeless and a stranger in their own changed body, frustrated with how strong you used to be and how uninspired and motivated you may be feeling right now, how short on time you continually feel, that there is a kinder, softer, gentler way to improving your health, feeling infused with joy and energy again and re-connecting to yourself and your wants, needs and goals. 

A way that isn't based upon what the number on the scale says or what size your clothes are. 

I'm here to help you bust-through your mix tape on repeat of that self-limiting belief that you can't, by showing you that you actually can, and that you actually will. It's only for those women who know they need help to do it though. 

  • It’s movement done safely and effectively

  • It’s a home-made approach all for you and about you

  • It’s well designed workouts that work for you and your schedule

  • It’s utterly infectious enthusiasm by a coach cheering for YOUR success

  • It’s giving you the tools and the space to try, practice and come to realize just exactly how much you CAN do.

And it's only for women who are ready for the unconditional support and ready to have somebody show up to empower them to show up for themselves. 

It’s only for those who are ready to ask for the help and ready to bust out of the old way into a new paradigm to welcome in real change.

You've told yourself you cant. 

I'm here to show you that you can.

Julie xo 

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