How to remove the barriers to fitness success!

We all have them and we all make them.  

I'm talking about excuses, which are also very powerful barriers in our fitness success.

If we let those barriers get in the way too often, we will continually struggle to realize our fitness goals and be successful in regular activity.  

So read on for a few ideas and ways that we can consciously be aware of and remove obstacles so that we can clear a path to looking, feeling, moving and living better through fitness. 


Know what you’re going to do and where you’re going to do it. 

Have your breakfast pre-made and ready to go so not fueling up is one less excuse you can make to nor exercise. Have that shake pre-made or bagel with PB ready in the fridge, or those overnight oats ready and waiting that you made the night before. 

Have your workout bag packed and ready to go at the front door.

Have your shoes and workout plan or DVD or whatever it is waiting for you in the exact place you’ll be exercising. Believe it or not, if my shoes are upstairs and I’m ready to workout downstairs that small act of having to grab my shoes first can sabotage my intentions of working out.

Have the TV set up for the home DVD you’ll be working along with, or your Tablet charged and ready to go with the online workout showing so you simply have to press play.

Remove as many excuses as you possibly can from food, to shoes, to gym clothes to knowing what to do, to where you are going to do it.


Write down the workout you plan to do or bookmark the online workout you’re going to follow, for example. If you arrive at the gym or do your living room with shoes on a water bottle ready only to have no idea what you plan to do you may mindlessly move or decide not to move at all.

It’s much more exciting and likely to actually happen when you know that you’re going to do 5 bike sprints, or spend 15 minutes doing a walk/run workout when you have a definite start and end point. 

Want to workout but don't live close to a gym?  Not sure what to do?  Research online options to find workouts, trainers, and options that will work for you and fit into your lifestyle and schedule.

Heading to the gym to do weight training? Have a workout plan that outlines exactly what exercises you’ll be doing along with equipment needed, reps for each, sets and rounds, including rest time.  It’s less intimidating as well when you’re prepared and know what’s coming.


Be clear on what you want to accomplish and achieve. Is it to hit a specific heart rate for a specific amount of time? Is it to be able to do deadlifts at a certain weight? 

Be clear on why exactly you are working out – is it for general fitness and improved mobility? Is it for weight loss? Because your doctor told you to? Because you need to train for a race or a marathon? 

Being clear on WHY you’re working out and what your goals are will help you keep your intention strong AND makes it easier to remove the barriers to fitness by enabling you to create the plan to help you get there!

Being clear on your goals also helps you realistically plan out your fitness plans and workouts so that you can ensure that the workouts you do align with the goals that you have.


Find a friend or colleague that you can be accountable to so that you show up for yourself – and them too!

Or invest financially in hiring a fitness expert so that you HAVE to show up for pre-scheduled sessions and have somebody else tell you what to do so you don’t have to think about it.

If you’re the person who really doesn’t like letting people down – then a fitness accountability partner may be perfect for you.

You could even join a fitness group, class or online program to help support you and help you make sure that you’re doing those workouts!

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