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Updated: Sep 26, 2020


To start, let’s set aside that word “should” and replace it with “can”.

We all want to feel awesome, I think that’s a pretty safe assumption right? In fact I think that is one thing that most humans CAN agree on right now (and these days that's big!).

But how do we go about feeling awesome? Exactly how does that work and look like?

Huge questions right?

It can be overwhelming getting a leg up (pun intended) on your health and fitness and the pursuit of optimal health.

And yet, improving your health is not overwhelming at all!

Or rather, it doesn’t HAVE to be!

When you are stuck smack dab in the middle of a forest with big, tall trees surrounding you every which way you look it can feel impossible to know which way is out!

It can feel the same if you’ve decided that “hey! I want to improve my fitness I want to eat better and sleep better and manage my stress better and get more sleep...".

But how do you start? Doing a Google search might create more anxiety than ever and lead you down a massive rabbit hole. Unless you have somebody you know and trust to help guide you.

Too often we put so SO MUCH PRESSURE on ourselves to get it all right… well, I ask you what is right anyways?

Optimizing health and fitness generally doesn’t happen overnight so allow yourself to make some mistakes, be gentle on yourself and re frame the process as something you’re learning and can get better at.

Trust me there is no single RIGHT WAY to improving your health and fitness and well being.


Asking yourself one simple question every single day can lead you down YOURS.

So, the best way to start improving your health and fitness then? In my experience it all boils down to this:

The simplest, easiest thing that you can do as each and every single day begins is ask yourself this:

“What can I do today to support improving my health and wellness?"

That's it.

In each moment you're either supporting your health or you're taking away from it.

Honestly you don't really need to know how many calories are in something to logically know the fast-food burger from McDonald's likely won't support your health as well as a salad loaded with vegetables and lean protein will.

You don't really need to have a fancy pedometer or know exactly what percentage of heart rate you're at to logically know that going out for a brisk walk even if it's 10 minutes is going to be a choice that helps support your wanting to improve your health and fitness goal.

I think we put so much focus on doing things the right way that we lose the ability to tune into what is feeling right for us.

Of course programs like my Kick Start can help give you the education the knowledge the expert advice tools and techniques to know which choices maybe better.

Ultimately however all it takes to start improving your health and fitness is being mindful day by day by day by day, 24 hours at a time, of the choices you make.

For example: we all know eating vegetables and fruits and getting movement everyday is important right? We hear that messaging all time. Intuitively we know it to be true.

Would you agree?

The key however is that this powerful, yet very simple practice, takes consistency day by day by day. 24 hours at a time.

And if you do it every single day you'll train your mind to eventually get into the habit of looking for healthy solutions and options and find things start to shift for the change you hope for it.

Let's keep it simple yes there's some incredible programs out there to help give you more tools and more specifics to then increase that Optimum Health.

So the takeaway? If you're just looking to start it's the small simple mindful choices that matter.

Ask yourself every single day throughout the day "Is what I am doing or what I am choosing right now what is going to help me get closer to improving my health and wellness or not?".
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