How My Simple 3 M's Strategy Can Improve Your Health

Updated: Nov 8, 2020


As a perpetrator of health, wellbeing and inner and outer strength I feel this information is critical to be shared to everybody looking for real ways that they can begin right here and right now to optimize their health, on the inside and the out.

The topic of supporting our mental, physical and emotional selves right now is so important, so too is understanding the cycle of "think/feel/create" as I'll explain below.

This is for anybody who's struggling or worrying and/or who wants to begin to cultivate a deeper trust and awareness of their true strength and what their body is capable of.

I'm writing this and sharing it because the effect that stress (acute or chronic) has on our bodies physical response is so huge that it cannot be ignored.

Fear, worry, stress can wreak havoc on our mental health and lower our immunity leaving us more susceptible to viruses, dis-ease etc. So this is for everybody who wants some real, usable tools for their health that they can begin to incorporate into daily life, right here and now.

I'll start by saying that I have some REALLY REALLY REALLY good news for you.

You were born with an incredible piece of machinery that is pretty much as close to magic as you can get.

  • It goes with you everywhere you go.

  • It's there, working for you every nanosecond at a time to help you towards optimal health and homeostasis.

It's your beautiful body, and all the integrated, miraculous systems, organs, functions, tissues and cells all together from the heart to the lungs to the brain and everything in between.

We can begin to significantly improve our immunity and overall well-being and create a vital, strengthened and more effective at withstanding stress (whether it be a virus or mental, emotional, environmental, social stress) body.

We can support ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually through the creation of a virtual yet vital "bubble" of higher energy.


Enter the THINK/FEEL/CREATE cycle.

Solid research and evidence already supports (has for a long time now friends) that WHAT and HOW we think affects WHAT we feel and how our body perceives and experiences it.

The really, super duper, important, please please please read and remember part is this:

---> WHAT we feel literally affects the physical experience we have from a physiological and cellular standpoint. <---

Simply by THINKING about a pain or trauma from the past or present our bodies respond as if it's literally actually happening to us again as we think it.

As we think we feel.

As we feel we respond.

As we respond we create.

The question to ask then is what do you want to create?

More dis-ease? More dis-comfort? More despair?

Not likely right?

Do you want to release any negative "stuff" that may be taking up residence in your physical body and showing up as tightness, restrictions, illness and dis-ease?

If the answer is yes, let's move on by focusing on what we DO want.

The more we focus on what's sucking (sorry just being blunt) and what we're scared of and what's hurting us and who we are angry or resentful at or what we want the more we're going to perpetuate that cycle of "think/feel/respond accordingly".

To get more of the good stuff it's going to be really important to feel as if we're already experiencing more of the good stuff (aka: NOT the yucky stuff).

Stay with me on this...

The law of attraction states that like attracts like.

Who am I to argue with a law... especially when personal experience validates time and time again that it's true. :) So to attract more focus on that good stuff more. Avoid thinking that you "want" it but give thanks for having it.

What then, can we do to shift into focusing more consistently to create more of those good vibrations and more optimal physical and mental health responses? What then, would we love to feel more of?






Optimal health?




Here are great, profound yet ultimately VERY SIMPLE ways that we can begin to shift the "think/feel/respond" cycle to something that is much more supportive of our health, immunity, wellbeing and future outlook.

Let's start by putting ourselves in situations that create more supportive, higher energy vibes and results through the feelings and thoughts we have.


Get out of the chaos of the thoughts about what might happen, what has, what is and quiet down. Let's feel the nothingness where anything is possible.

Let's trust that perhaps there is something more infinite, more intelligent, more healing, more helpful than fear and GO THERE through focusing on quieting the mind, calming the body, relaxing the muscles, slowing the breathing and letting that "something more" come through.

I will not lie.

I have done some up and down struggling with the negative energy "out there" lately that has gone from out there to "in here" in me.

I've used the tools that I know in my gut (you know what they are too friends, TRUST YOURSELF on that) to switch the channel away from static to a more crystal clear picture. Meditation is one huge way of doing so.

You know that saying "stop drop roll" in the event of a fire? How about saying "stop drop meditate" when you find yourself getting stressed out, caught up in fear or worry or finding that your thoughts are overwhelming you.

Did you know that you can meditate simply by stopping and tuning in. By tuning into the quiet of the right now and focusing on your breath. It literally can be as simple as that.

Whether it's counting 4 seconds in, 4 our for 20 breaths.

Whether it's doing it for 2 minutes. Or it can be sitting or laying to a guided meditation that helps encourage you to surrender body and mind to stillness, to that "more" infinite source of energy and intelligence.

That "more" can be whatever you call it. I liken it to electricity. You can't see the electricity but you know that it's there.

You can start the day with a meditation by repeating thank you over and over again the moment you open your eyes or before you even do and take some breaths feeling grateful for the bed you just slept in and the sheets that covered you, the pillow your head rested upon and the coffee and food you can look forward to going and having.

You can put on some relaxing instrumental music and breathe along to it.

For some, meditation can be found in solitude in prayer.

You can do an actual meditation (my fave go to is below) in the morning or afternoon or as you go to sleep at night (my personal favorite time to do so).

Find a style, focus and time of meditation that works for you and then commit to doing it EVERY SINGLE DAY. Because the habits of what we have or are feeling/thinking/creating that aren't creating that joy and happiness and connection feeling didn't get there overnight, so to shift things we may need to be really consistent to change them.


Did you know that certain styles of music produce certain frequencies that whether you're consciously aware of or not, can affect you at a cellular level and even at a mood level.

The frequency of love is 528 Hz and you can find (for example) Solfeggio frequency music at that, along with a range of other frequencies for healing, grounding and more.

There is such a think as the sound frequency of music and you can read more on that here:,the%20frequency%20with%20which%20the%20Earth%20itself%20vibrates.

I'll share what my favorite is in my house below (I search "Solfeggio on Amazon Music and YouTube for example).

Consider this: When you're out driving around and a song that absolutely gets you going comes in... you sing out loud to it, it moves you, uplifts you and all of sudden you're feeling that energy, well, ENERGIZING you. You feel that anything is possible, life is incredible and you can more quickly and easily see the good and the awesome everywhere.

Music CAN and DOES do that.

So commit to incorporating more music that uplifts you and gets you dancing and busting a move or literally just feeling YAY-like every single day.

Remember if you do that you are contributing to the higher vibes you want to be in of the "think/feel/create" cycle. Right?

So groove on friends and groove on lots!

The 3rd M: MOVE

This is key.

When you CONSISTENTLY combine meditation with music with movement you will see (and FEEL) your life literally shift underneath your feet.

Move the body.

Energy is not solely reserved for the mystic.

Energy is everywhere and your body LITERALLY is energy. So get it moving. Release the heaviness that might be stuck there, release it through stretching, mobilizing, yoga-ing, dancing, walking, lifting - however you move it.

Please move.

It doesn't have to look like the way Janet moves, or Michael moves or how I move. It could be arm circles and squats. It could be a swim. It could be walking in place or climbing hills.

Forget the "rules" you might have let yourself believe about movement and exercise and fitness and TRUST YOURSELF to move the best way for you in the here and now.

Maybe that is working with a personal trainer (heck, I've had incredible things happen for clients because they found somebody who gave them the key to unlock themselves). Maybe that's home workouts, maybe that's a fitness class.

Whatever it is please move.

Your body - remember that incredible integrated, miraculous system of organs, functions, tissues and cells all together that I mentioned?

Your body craves being let out to play.

It needs to experience itself in movement. It wants you to improve your strength, balance, endurance, oxygen capacity, flexibility and mobility.

Because when it does that it is where it is happiest - at home safe and strong in itself.

Starting somewhere, heck ONE half flight up the stairs and back at a time, is so much better than starting nowhere at all.


We CAN improve our immunity and state of mental well-being to create a more vital, stronger, more effective at withstanding stress whether it be a virus or mental, emotional, environmental, social stress etc.

We CAN support ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually even with creating a vital "bubble" of higher energy around ourselves.

We can utilize some simple tools and techniques to harness the power of OURSELVES to help protect us from dis-ease, dis-comfort and despair. (and I haven't even mentioned food yet...).

Yours in health and in living a higher vibe experience for all.

xo Julie


Favorite mantra (YouTube)

Favorite meditation site (YouTube) "Rising Higher" meditation:

Solfeggio frequency info:

(there are lots, do your own search too).

Favorite Solfeggio music for healing:

If you have Amazon Music search "Solfeggio" as they have some good albums there too.

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