Is it Time to Break Up?

Is it time to break up with the part of you that has been stringing you along for the last few weeks, months, years, decades?

Have you found yourself stating often that you want change for yourself, to improve your health and fitness, logically acknowledging that your nutrition could really be cleaned up and has been leaving you feeling less than... but so far nothing has changed?

Does this sound familiar?

You have signed up for this you have signed up for that but you either don't start or you start and then don't finish or follow through.

Is it possible that you are stringing yourself along?

Dangling that carrot of a healthier version of yourself, a fitter body, a more confident mental outlook in front of yourself but keeping it just far enough out of reach that you can't seem to ever snap it up and eat it?

Perhaps there is a part of you that, similar to an unhealthy relationship, keeps you on that hamster wheel, promising you things but not delivering on them.

Maybe this part of you loves what it knows and what it is familiar with even though another part of you is frustrated, depressed, un-healthy and feeling imprisoned by it.

It could be time to break up with yourself, at least that part of yourself that you no longer want to keep around holding you back.

Time to break up with the out of date, unhealthy habits, strategies and behaviours that don't align with where you want to be and how you want to feel.

And yet, this is easier said than done.

Breaking up takes you out of your comfort zone. It takes courage, faith, and maybe a little or a lot of discomfort and unknown.


This is where that fresh new blank page awaits for you to write a new story upon.

This is where that mental piece comes into play, where the deep diver into our mindset, our thoughts, fears and triggers comes up and into play.

This is an important part of changing for the better that usually cannot happen until we're truly ready to make it so.

Until we're truly ready to break up with that part of ourselves once and for all that doesn't want what's best for us and that's proven time and time again to be unreliable.

Are you asking yourself:

"Well, when you put it that way"...

Great, because as I recently explained 90 minutes ago in a coaching call with a remote client, that's where the power is, it's where the awareness begins and with awareness we can consciously and mindfully begin to create the change we have so desired to make.

A coach, mentor, counsellor, trainer can give you all the tools in the world to support you inspire you but until you decide to take that step and begin to use the tools you may continue to be strung along always a few steps away from grabbing that carrot and eating it once and for all.

And here's the thing.

Using those new tools may feel awkward and unnatural.

However the more you practice using those tools (ie: checking in, having an accountability partner, doing the inner work, changing the situation and taking yourself out of what triggers you) the stronger you'll become using them.

The more natural and automatic they will feel.

It's like starting a new relationship post-break-up. There's a period of getting to know the other person (hey - you'll get to know a new side of you!) to develop familiarity.

And what if breaking up was the best thing you ever decided to do?

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