To All Who Struggle

Happy November 1st!

Last night I had the pleasure of celebrating the October 31st beautiful full moon with a friend. A friend that is also one heck of a healer!

She and I had a great conversation and enjoyed a special (powerful) full moon meditation as well.

We spoke about many things, among them the topic of being able to honour our ability to receive as much as give, particularly when we find ourselves taking on the struggles and pain of others (and feeling it on a larger scale of the collective).

We spoke of the importance in staying aligned with compassion and in the space of loving intention towards all - regardless of our own personal struggles.

This has become increasingly relevant for me personally in working with many clients in personal ways and thus engaging with the unique energies and mechanisms of their unique personalities, goals and mindsets.

And so on the heels of that incredible conversation tonight I was again inspired, this time through a connective coaching experience with a lovely woman and client on the other side of the world. I'll refer to her as M.

Inspired because as I help teach others they in turn teach me.

So here it is:

"Events, messages, and guidance from source in the last few days have made it more clear than before the importance of making the most of what life and time we have left here on mother earth.

I have much to express.

We can spend it struggling AGAINST ourselves doing what we think we are "supposed" to be doing to be some improved, better, thinner, fitter (insert your thing here) version of ourselves when really the version we already are is magnificent and beautiful in our own right.

We can spend our time stressing out about meals and food, what we have eaten or haven't to the point of our mental health suffering, or we can eat to nurture our health, to be strong and vital, to strengthen our immunity.

We can eat for health to honour those among us who may not have enough in their bellies so that their plight is not for naught, because they may be literally dying for the chance to worried that they had too much to eat today or had that donut when they should have had the salad. We can keep pursuing some perfect vision we have of what we need to do to be truly happy or we can begin to question where that thought came from to begin with.

We can question why we think we can't be happy right now and think we're awesome just the way we are (whether we eat 3000 calories today or a thousand tomorrow).

I guess what I'm saying, my dear, is that I hope both you and I have a long full life still ahead of us. That there are going to be times when we want to eat half of the pizza or the whole damn thing.

How do we want to spend this time?

Feeling good? Putting wholesome things into our body to help raise our vibration? To feel accepted in our skin?

To have the energy to do the things we love with the people we love doing them with?

To wake up in the morning without the regret of a hangover - whether it be from food, alcohol, excessive worry, fear, self despair or otherwise?

Go easy on yourself if you're doing what you're doing because you want to feel your best... that's where the magic is and the power abounds.

Please do not make it any harder on yourself by focusing on the discouraging feelings, berating or beating yourself up for what so many would say is "falling off the wagon".

Get back on and use it as an opportunity to further experience how you DO want to feel, and each time you do that you'll give more power to that which does make you feel better.

That's straight from my heart."

Those were the messages to M. tonight who felt badly about getting off plan.

I was and am grateful for the ability to equally relate to each other and accept both the giving and receiving that this experience presented.

"When we all get real we all help show each other what's possible and we subconsciously give others inspiration and permission to be okay where they are and be okay to receive and okay to give."

- Julie

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