No Equipment Cardio Fitness Dice Pack

No Equipment Cardio Fitness Dice Pack

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NO EQUIPMENT CARDIO FITNESS DICE Take the guesswork of your next sweat session with this durable, fun, one of a kind fitness dice pack.  

Designed and manufactured exclusively by Julie Hodge Fitness, your NO EQUIPMENT CARDIO Fitness dice pack includes: -

 2 fitness dice (time, exercises)
-  Exclusive online video support how to guide 

Fitness Dice packs are also available in: 

- Mini Band Fitness Dice (2 dice; reps, exercises, 5 mini bands)
- Bodyweight Deluxe Fitness Dice (5 dice; time, reps, rounds, exercises x 2)

    Please refer to the information card provided within your fitness dice pack that will provide you with instructions on how to access supplementary video's for each exercise, and for great ideas on how to use the dice for a fantastic workout!

    Do not crush, squish or stand on your fitness dice. Please treat them gently. 



    If you want multiple sets and/or a variety of packs and colors please CONTACT ME directly to arrange, discuss and get a quote.

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