Shed belly fat, improve your energy and get your groove back in midlife!

My completely customized and designed for YOU hormone-based fitness coaching programs are the best solution if you're looking to step into your best health in midlife and the rest of your life.

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Is your exercise making you fat?  It could be!

Is what used to work for you no longer working?
You need a new plan!

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I was there.

Parenting, running a successful full time business but feeling absolutely depleted.

I was in my mid 40's and suffering silently with exhaustion, depression, bloating, dry hair, dry skin, poor sleeps, lack of motivation, lack of inspiration, I was drinking too much wine on an almost nightly basis and I felt like a total imposter.

Many days I wanted to stay in bed or crawl into a hole and forced myself to push on through the day counting down the minutes until it was time to crawl back into bed.

And then my mom's health was deteriorating rapidly and I was by her bedside often right up until the day she left this world and passed on to the next.

My hormones were running the show and my emotions were on a crazy roller coaster.

On top of all this I was doing more workouts and trying to workout even harder and it was leaving me fatter, sore and more depressed and frustrated.  

No matter what I did the clothes kept feeling tighter and my mood lower.

I call that my "Wanting to Crawl Into a Hole" phase of midlife.

Did you recently experience a major trauma, life event or loss?
Believe it or not, in midlife that can magnify our problems!

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I did more studying, I dove deeply into what actually happens in midlife when we begin to go through peri/menopause. 

I went deeper than what the mainstream health and fitness "experts" were telling us women to do.

I found a mentor, somebody that was helping people like me, get out of the frustrating situation and into a healthier, stronger, invigorated and energized version of myself - the one I wanted to be.

I trusted the process and made subtle changes.  

I didn't have to wait long.  Once I discovered the key to what actually works and what was NOT working I applied them all to my own life and bingo - the magic happened.

Better sleeps, different workouts that actually WORKED, no more brain fog. 

My energy dramatically improved and my mental and emotional ability to cope with life? 

It improved too!

I was feeling like myself again.  Fun, creative, sexy, vibrant, energized!

I call this the "How Julie Got Her Groove Back" phase of life.

And now I use my skills, education, knowledge and first-hand compassionate experience to help other women enjoy their 40's and look forward to the rest of their life with strength, energy and confidence!



I teach your what you haven't been taught about fitness after your 40's.

✔ What actually works to lose that stubborn belly fat.

✔ What actually works to reduce the inflammation.

✔ What actually works to reduce the cortisol.

✔ What hormones we have to get under control before you can burn any fat at all.

This program works - if you are ready to let go of what no longer is!

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1 on 1 Coaching Clients Feedback:

Clients typically lose an average of 3 - 5 inches during the first month*

Clients often feel like they've won the wellness lottery by finally finding a flexible, intuitive solution for stress, sleep, exercise, fitness, hormones and even rest and recovery that they were missing.

Often it's the subtle changes and having a knowledgeable coach introduce you to what works better that make the greatest shifts from bloat and blah to strength and awe!

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With 1 on 1 hormone-based coaching you get your own plan that targets stress, sleep, nutrition, exercise and recovery.

It's customized to you and changes FOR YOU as we go along as required.

I use my exclusive T.R.I.M. formula where you and I:

✔ track and compile data unique to YOU
✔ review data and self-assessment feedback to ensure results
✔ implement changes to food, exercise, sleep, stress strategies etc.
✔ modify as and when required ongoing

 This is for women ready to commit to results without frustration. 

Hormone-based coaching is simply for women in or approaching peri/menopause who are tired of feeling tired, wanting to avoid disease and injury further down the road, who want to stop gaining weight, beat the brain (and belly) fog and optimize their energy once and for all. 

If you're tired of decision fatigue and wondering HOW to make it all fit together for you then reach out to me. 




Hormones trump, well, practically everything.

You've heard about calories in vs. calories out right?

Well... it's not QUITE that simple anymore.

It's why another diet or joining this weight loss program without looking at all of the other pieces of the puzzle aren't going to get you to where you want to be.


You haven't fixed the hormones.

 You can't out-cardio them.  You can't "eat more salad" your way out of them. 

You have many great years still ahead of you.


Where you are now, how you're feeling, isn't where you could be 3 months from now.


Think about all the years ahead of you.


So about those calorie-restricting plans, the more is never enough workouts, the perpetual exhaustion of it all. 

Does that work for you anymore? 


Not likely - because that's why you're here.


✔ Reducing inflammation

✔ Reducing cortisol

✔ Balancing hormones

Nobody should have to "just deal" with peri/menopause or suffer their way through what should be an incredible journey of health, joy and optimism for the future!


✔ A toned, leaner physique

✔ Reduced body fat

✔ A flatter belly

✔ Improved hormone regulation

✔ Improved sleep

✔ Reduced bloating

✔ Flatter tummy

✔ Awesome energy

✔ Sharp mental focus

✔ Reduced cravings

✔ Reduced joint pain (elbows, knees)

✔ Reduced inflammation

✔ Dropping a dress size (or more)

✔ Boosted body confidence

✔ More JOY

✔ Kick-started libido

and more!


- you're not willing to let go of what isn't working

- you're not willing to trust the process

- you're looking for quick overnight fixes

- you're looking for free, generic programs

- you want all the results without any lifestyle changes

- you want to keep doing what you're doing and getting the results you're getting


Before I onboard any new clients into either my VIP Hormone-Based 90 day program OR my Quick Start Hormone-Based coaching month to month program an initial pre-qualification call is required.

--> Let's book a call to see if Hormone-Based Fitness coaching is right for you.